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Black & black – absolute classic. Connection of extraordinary design with original form is the quintessence of VENOM BLACK sunglasses.

In addition to theUV400 filter, EL WARIATO glasses from the Premium Line Collection, have been enriched with a polarizing filter and the frame construction has been strengthened. All Premium glasses will be delivered with a hard case and a microfiber cloth– both branded with EL WARIATO logo.

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Why EL WARIATO sunglasses are worth choosing?

The top of the line of sunglasses provides specialist solutions in order to protect the sight against harmful sun rays. Due to better contrast and reduction of reflexions, it guarantees the best vision quality.  Remember, the toning of glasses does not guarantee the proper eye protection. Invest only in thoughtful solutions– like EL WARIATO eyewear.


Reflections are very tiring for your eyes, they distort the vision, cause headache, and concentration difficulty. Polarized lenses used in EL WARIATO sunglasses counteract the reflections, sharpens the colors and increase the comfort of vision. 

UV400 Filter 

Harmful solar radiation is divided into 3 categories – UVA, UVB, and UVC. The UV filter is the basic protection for your sight. Using eyewear without such filters may result in irritation, photosensitivity or other eye diseases. All the EL WARIATO eyewear (including zero glasses) have a UV filter, which blocks out all UV rays.


CE marking(Conformité Européenne)

EL WARIATO sunglasses comply with European safety standards.



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Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovakia, the Netherlands

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Bulgaria, Finland, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Italy

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Croatia, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Spain

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